Rubena 850-times “on the box”

In 2014 riders for the  Rubena team chalked up over 850 podium placings. Among their greatest successes is a bronze medal, won by Jan Škarnitzl of the Sram Rubena Trek MTB Team in the European Mountain Bike Championship. He was also awarded the title of vice-champion Czech Republic in the mountain bike cross country category. 
Riders of the Ghost Rubena Racing Team collected a total of 67 gold medals, 33 silver and took third place fifteen times. One of the most valuable trophies is the third place award that went to Pavlina Sulcova in the individual road race championships of the Czech Republic.  Trainees of the Eleven Ruben Test Team have chalked up 70 podium placings, Last year, Nilfisk ALTO won 110 valuable medals for the cycling team and the Rubena Superior MTB Team added 130 medals to the statistics.
Also riding their way to the winners’ podium were BMX racers and riders in derived disciplines. Dominik Nekolný, dedicated to  BMX Flatland races, won the unofficial title of world champion. Riders from the BMX Řepy Club won over 200 placings on the winners’ podium. Jan Švub became champion of the Republic in BMX in the Elite category. Dominik Topinka took third place in the republic championship race. Rubena also supports a number of teams abroad, whose members also won tens of medals.

Jan Škarnitzl
Sram Rubena Trek MTB Team
Dominik Nekolný
Ghost Rubena Racing Team  Pavlína Šulcová

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