In door tyre testing department

is an independent and impartial work-group specialized for pursuing static and dynamic laboratory testing of tyres, rims and solid tyres, retreated tyres, valves, inner tubes, tyre repair sets and preventive anti-puncture agents for all road and off-road vehicles, train planes, motor and hand carts etc.

The tyre testing laboratory is equipped with the necessary equipment, measuring instruments and especially with qualified staff for pursuing the following testing procedures:

· measurement of the proportion of tyres fitted up on exact rims
· plunger test
· measurement of the static deformational characteristics in 3 directions and a torque
· cutting and analysis of the tyre frame layers with textile and steel cords
· high speed tests and endurance tests - verification of the tyre or rim service life during rolling of the tyre on the surface of a steel drum
· measurement of the rolling resistance, dynamic directional characteristics etc.
· legislative (approval and confirmation) tests of the new and retreaded tyres which subject to an obligatory approval according to the UN ECE requirements. Especially it concerns ECE Regulations no. 30, 54, 75, 106, 108, 109.

All tests are conducted in the conformity with the Czech, European and worldwide standards and testing procedures. The Czech Institute for Accreditation has accredited the Indoor tyre testing as a Testing Laboratory No. 1253 for most of them.

Every test is documented with a standard certificate with  guarantied validity. The approval certificate with the internationally recognized mark E8 is issued in case of legislative tests. This certificate is sent to all European countries by the Czech Ministry of Transport and Communication subsequently.

In case of your interest please ask for further information:

Pavel Šindler - Tyre test department head
e-mail: sindler@igtt.cz

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