Rubber roll coverings

Rubber lining

Chemical Resistant and Corrosion Resistant Rubber CoatingsRubber lining (coating) procedure is a process in which rubber is applied as an anticorrosion protection to protect the outside or inside of tanks, pipes and equipment for industries, etc...

Rubber compounds protect equipment against aggressive substances and are excellent anticorrosion materials for environments that contain acid and alkaline.


Advantages of the rubber lining procedures by Mitas Antikor:

  • Over 60 years of tradition and experience
  • Competition beating price
  • The quality of the rubber production of materials used for the protective linings
  • Soft rubber has a high level of elasticity
  • Automated, computerized quality control according to ISO 9001
  • 100% guarantee of rubber lining
  • In case of emergency on site repairs guaranteed
  • Quick and modern technology used for the rubber lining procedure
  • Complete abrasive blasting facility
  • Pipe blasting, coating & lining
  • The majority of our rubber resists chemical aggressions
  • Environment friendly

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